Keyboard Tough Guys

Foolish simple men acting fearless behind their keyboards, spewing hate from their guts towards anyone they can. Displaying their intellect using an array of four letter words, might as well have a bio pic wearing the hood of the Klan. * Their anger inside leaks out profusely as they assault, … Continue Reading Keyboard Tough Guys

A Cup-O’-Let ?

Careless indirect neglect, alters her spirit small. Pointless hollow conduct, why engage at all?     © 2017 Joseph Emerson  


Fear and depression inhumanely barge in, divulging their distaste for order. Tearing down the heavy clad walls, for they’re captivated by no boarder. * The feeble wailing cries are heard aloud, as the shaky Warden begs and pleas. His guards once notably stouthearted men,  foolishly grovel down to their knees. … Continue Reading capitulation

Rhythmic Tapping

“Snap” “Slap” “Rap” “Crack” “Ding” sounds the margin bell, helping the word-slinger acknowledge it is time to give a lusty push on the carriage return bar of the typewriter, thus not to let the words fall off the edge of the page.  Rejecting pause she keeps on typing, as there … Continue Reading Rhythmic Tapping