Must have a strong neck…


You’re blocking all of our light.

Up there on your high pedestal

what the hell gives you the right?

A massive sized head of narcissism

casting a wide metaphorical shadow,

it’s near impossible to not be bitter

gazing up at misproportion from below.

You must feel so tall up on your podium

the higher up the further you will fall,

Why won’t you come down, go toe-to-toe?

Afraid you’ll expose truth, showing how small?

I guess we can just Live and Let Live

at least you’ll be somewhat out of sight,

but if you could do us all a big favor,

move that pretentious noggin a bit to the right






  1. I like this piece Joseph, the feel of injustice, resentment in the first half is full of fight and anger, rightly so but the beauty is revealed in the second part where we are shown a soul more elevated than ‘podium man’ when we find out he’s irrelevant to us, he can do his thing, whatever, hope you enjoy being the biggest/richest man in the graveyard. Pure urban Zen.

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  2. Awesome. I have known quite a few people with the big noggins myself. I loved your take on it. So cleaver and creative. I can relate to feeling so small like I had to look way up to see their inflated big ego headed selves from my own small and deflated defeated at times little self. I believe the people that act so high and mighty are actually hiding something and have even more insecurities than us. Maybeeee… Anyway you nailed it… hit it out of the park as usual. Thank you.

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      1. Hahaha… not sure I am into that too much but some loud crazy rock bands are great and sing with a lot of screaming pent up emotion. That screaming really gets it out. If I can understand the lyrics sometimes they are very good. lol

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