hello friends?

I can’t believe I have let you into my little world

the aspect of me I keep classified and entombed,

a bit twisted, mangled, truthful, yet burled

with such attributes, no mystery that I am doomed.

I have tried to keep it wrangled like a rodeo round-up

although near impossible to keep it all in my head,

better luck trying to corral and keep locked up

a bloodthirsty, drunken steer that hasn’t been fed.

Sometimes it’s effortless to detect on the outside

I cannot help looking and acting a bit nervous,

when the anxieties and crazy psyche dives in

like seabirds, angling baitfish nearing the surface.

But I seem to have confidence in you for now

I am also happy and thrilled to call you my friends,

although I cannot say that I fully trust you yet

for trust is the rationale from which my insecurity stems.

©2018 http://www.whatsinsideamadmanshat.com


  1. Great poem. Heartfelt yet with a bit of wit as you let us into your world. This piece has excellent rhythm. You need to read it aloud and perform it in front of people. I hear the musicality of it as I read it in my head. I really, really liked this one.
    Oh…And thanks for letting us into your thoughts. It’s always an unexpected treat to visit there.

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      1. I don’t know…. I don’t judge artists. People in the creative arts are like that. I write in spurts. Non stop on my novel for days in a frenzy and then not at all. When I draw it’s the same. I did the that back in the days when I created music. I think that’s just how artistic souls work. Time stops and the creative process takes over… and our emotions push us forward.

        I wouldn’t analyze it. It works. Most poems, songs, paintings are influenced by pain or emotion. It is what makes us dance to a different beat… and I don’t think I’d want to live any other way. My sister once read one of my poems and told me, “I’m so glad I don’t have to live in your head”. I responded by telling her that I’d be bored if I had to live in anyone else’s…
        I like your style. Your rants have passion and intensity. What’s better than that?

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      2. yup. the only people I really get along with have a crazy view of The World. Also an eye and ear for art. I love creating. Making something out of nothing. Love seeing someone else come to life when they have an idea too.

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  2. Poetry, that was. Yeah face to face and instant emotional duress isn’t a lot of fun. Sometimes one must temper the sword of truth with practice bands so as not to hurt others, especially if it is a particularly large sword LoL

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