Energizing clarity


Strutting around in a hotel robe


Attracted to little complimentary soap


clean, cold sheets against my skin


aroma of the 6oz gratuitous coffee in a little tin


Putting the cell phone on vibrate for the night


Check the last email then close the laptop tight

Contemplating for just a moment

living out of a small suitcase

traveling like a minimalist nomad

moving from place to place.

Quickly comes real-world sensibility



The responsibility of work and family


bills and the grind of social status

LIFE, eagerly I get back to it.



©2018 http://www.whatsinsideamadmanshat.com


  1. This poem for me Joseph, sums up the phrase “stop the world I wanna get off” the daily treadmill of life. But like the previous Podium piece, there’s that wonderful shoulder shrugging acceptance that such is life and get on with it, that only by accepting can you start living. Great form Joseph, thank you.

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