my freaky hex life

Could you leave your front door open

then sleep soundly throughout the night?

We no longer live in a carefree world

in which you can trust without fright.

Hair stands up on the back of my neck

as the chills run all down my spine,

a fearful feeling while I walk in the dark

like I will surely end up on NBC’s Dateline.

I hate having to triple check my car

to make sure that I pushed the lock,

always thinking I hear kids breaking in

looking for something to hock.

Have you ever turned off the light switch

when you still have to make it upstairs?

Quickly as running across a hot coal bed

frantically skipping up steps in pairs.

I heard that just because you’re paranoid

doesn’t mean that they’re not after you,

the reason I place sage on the window sill?

…well I’m not sure if I believe in voodoo.


      1. Haha well as long as it worked then that’s all that counts. Hey I see dead people in my dreams. (I hate going to sleep at night because I never know who is coming to visit). It’s a long story… but it is what it is.

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      2. Same. Also I don’t think the sage vs voodoo worked for me. That’s a really long story and actually can’t talk about it online. But it also ties into the seeing a particular person in my dreams. Life is wild sometimes. But if mine wasn’t I’d be writing children’s books or nursery rhymes haha

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      3. I hear you. I bet we could tell some interesting dream stories. The Kaballah says our loved ones come to us in our dreams when we need them. I have found that to be accurate. However, it gets weird when others come to you asking for help. 😳. But that’s another story… one I don’t talk about much…

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