I watch, seeing you sitting there looking so saddened and somber. Unkept beard, thinning grey hair couldn’t appear any more calmer. Couldn’t help myself but to think “what’s wrong in that head?” Thinking, “could I buy you a drink?” “Quite possibly a loaf of bread?” Children walk on the other … Continue Reading Perception

Sleep paralysis

Mystifying and cryptic.  Gloomy and apocalyptic….   This is how I envision the theater in my head, Feelings of the colors black, drab and dark red. Barbed wire around my lungs, stabbing, restricting as I breath. Fluid inside my heart turning black, Boiling vigorously begins to seethe.   Dark dressed … Continue Reading Sleep paralysis

Up the dosage 💊

Up the dosage, make it more numb. Make it so I, can ghastly overcome. 💊 As my subconscious waves it’s deadly sword on a collision course toward my mind. My conscious presence jumps up and down and hails, airily cheering from the side-line. 🗡 Taunting, screaming, mocking and chanting I … Continue Reading Up the dosage 💊