the watering hole

Nothing is quite as classic as a man with a gun and his hound, patiently waiting for nothing, sitting in the duff without a sound/ the occasional mud stomping, squishy tobacco spit sound, onto the forest floor, but nothing startling enough to awaken the hound as he has heard this … Continue Reading the watering hole

Energizing clarity

Recharging Strutting around in a hotel robe Mesmerizing Attracted to little complimentary soap Intoxicated clean, cold sheets against my skin Heavenly aroma of the 6oz gratuitous coffee in a little tin Liberation Putting the cell phone on vibrate for the night Disaffiliate Check the last email then close the laptop … Continue Reading Energizing clarity

this day…. (23)

I can’t stand looking at her stand over his bed anymore. It’s so sad to watch somebody’s life fade before their face. It feels so selfish of me to even think about how “I” am feeling about all of this. I’m not the one that is watching my life get … Continue Reading this day…. (23)