Case Closed

I heard someone once say…

you can’t put your arms around a memory.

I’ll never let that get the better of me,

for in a dream you walk the streets,

spray can in your hand

asking the world if it were “FREE?”


Desolate streets, hours past midnight

feeling invincible with no one in sight,

Tagging “SK” on concrete walls of buildings

Just laughing throughout the night


Carefully, methodically constructing rhymes

written to the melody, sounds and beat,

made by the tones of your Nike, Air Force Ones

as they rhythmically pound on the street.


A wildly ridiculous contagious laugh

in which everyone around you knows,

a dark hole exists in everyones soul now

love we all have for you, positively shows.


Missing that creativity consuming my life

all the more and more each day,

every time I come up with a new beat to share

well… there’s not much more I can say.


I will forever carry the memories with me

remembering the loyalty and love you’ve shown,

with your infamous Woozy Goose tattoo on my leg

I will never walk these desolate streets alone…


Miss you Casey, Aka: Case Closed, Woozy Goose



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @



  1. Beautifully written, Joseph. Really sorry for your loss. I lost my close friend when I was in school. Now I am out of school, out of college, and a few years have passed by, but even now, the memories keep coming back. Painful, yes. But somehow it’s a good feeling to know that my friend is safely tucked away in my thoughts hopefully never to disappear.

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    1. Thank you. It’s still unreal. Some people are just so amazing… funny, loyal… pains in the butt, but always have your back when you need it. Right now his Philadelphia Eagles look like they’re gonna go to the super bowl. He has the best seat in the house.


      1. Wow. You do have a way with words.
        My friend Laura passed away years ago and she stays with me. Little thoughts here and there. Rainbows, and baseball bats. You’re right. Some people just have that way that you never will forget and you wouldn’t want to

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      2. Oh I’m soooo sorry. That is raw and so painful.
        I’m currently in the …something sad happens,, or something really cool happens, and i KNOW she’d think it was awesome or support me and listen to me, but she’s gone and no one got me like she did. So there just isn’t anyone to tell. So it’s a put my head down and say fuck she’s gone moment.

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      3. Well in a strange way she is listening and supporting you, since she is still in your head during those moments. When you wanna tell her something or you think about what her reaction to something would be… in a way “She” has a presence…


  2. I lost my real brother to drugs in 1971.
    A long time ago.
    He was probably bipolar, I definately am.
    Living with/without him shaped my life.
    Discovering all I could about him and myself by discovering how to be alive with bipolar became my lifes task.
    Anyone can do it.
    Just listen to the teachers.
    Especially the dead ones.

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