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Case Closed

I heard someone once say…

you can’t put your arms around a memory.

I’ll never let that get the better of me,

for in a dream you walk the streets,

spray can in your hand

asking the world if it were “FREE?”


Desolate streets, hours past midnight

feeling invincible with no one in sight,

Tagging “SK” on concrete walls of buildings

Just laughing throughout the night


Carefully, methodically constructing rhymes

written to the melody, sounds and beat,

made by the tones of your Nike, Air Force Ones

as they rhythmically pound on the street.


A wildly ridiculous contagious laugh

in which everyone around you knows,

a dark hole exists in everyones soul now

love we all have for you, positively shows.


Missing that creativity consuming my life

all the more and more each day,

every time I come up with a new beat to share

well… there’s not much more I can say.


I will forever carry the memories with me

remembering the loyalty and love you’ve shown,

with your infamous Woozy Goose tattoo on my leg

I will never walk these desolate streets alone…


Miss you Casey, Aka: Case Closed, Woozy Goose



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @



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Can I even write? Will it be worth our time?

insertstory here

Photo taken by Me

Early mornings I have the same routine.  Wake up, put coffee on, jump into the shower… now this is where my mind starts to poke at my intellect.  For the past week or so now, I have this appetite to write in comparatively greater length to my previous efforts, or to what I am ordinarily comfortable with.  I have a story in mind that I feel needs to be taken out of my head and dumped onto paper, or up into the proverbial cloud.  That’s easy, I feel anyone can really do that to some extent.  What I am looking for is a piece of writing that will, in the left hand get this idea off of my chest, and in the write hand, keep a reading audience engaged.  I would like it if others enjoy it, as much as I feel I will in the process of creating it.  My question is… Should I?  Do I challenge myself to see if I can keep a reader wanting to read on?  To create such emotion and wonder to compel someone to scroll down, or turn the page?  I guess I am searching for the prompt to just do it.  What do you think?  Write, or just keep dreaming?  If you have any insight or tips/pointers to writing in any considerable length, please comment as this will be my first exploration in “Real” story telling.  I am currently not certain if I am aiming for a short story, a novella or 2000 page trilogy here… or has my mania kicked into overdrive where I am delusional and I just momentarily feel like this proposal is even feasible.

I kind of just want to let it happen with no real surmise.

Thanks you in advance,



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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Tempo of the keys..


Photo taken by Me

I developed this obsessive thought about owning a typewriter.  After a memory came about in a dream, of when I was young and my grandfather had come to visit us with one.  My grandpa… we will call him “Paw” as I called him back then.  Paw was a slick back black hair, dressy man, that lived and played to the beat of his own drum.  I always admired that about him.  Just different.  Didn’t seem to give a hoot as to what anyone thought about him.  Anyways.  Paw had worked for a printing press, and would always come home with stationary for us grandkids to scribble on.  Boy was that the most perfect thing for an artistic child to obtain.  I could make my own comic books, pictures and stories for centuries.  An endless supply of paper and pens.  I remember creating our own comic books and and bringing the silliest of characters to life.  The point of my story here was the typewriter, I apologize.  I got a bit nostalgic there.  So I quickly jumped online and found a vintage manual typewriter on ebay.  Without putting much thought into it I pressed the “Buy Now” option with the PayPal info already on record, and two days later voila!  I was sitting at my dining room table pecking away at the sun dyed keys, as if I had known this machine all of my life.  It just began to flow out of me.  I first retyped a blog entry of mine “The Toolbox” (shameless plug)… and it felt so good, hammering away at those keys, watching the typebars flying towards the moving paper with such precision.  It was beginning to sound like heavy rain against a window air conditioning unit, the way that the tapping grew more rapid and clearer into a moderate tempo.  How awesome.  The more I jammed on it, the more fluid it got.  The B key even started to loosen up, for when I had initially struck the B key it had gotten itself stuck, and when I called for the e to be next in the sequence, it only jammed the B even harder.  But now it seemed that I had worked out some of the dust, or warmed up the lubricant that was originally applied in the 70’s.

So I would have to say if you can get your hands on an old manual typewriter, do yourself a justice and spend some time clicking away and see if it brings a smile to your face as it did with me.

Happy writing…



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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Artistry in panorama


I feel it’s pretty marvelous that inspiration can come from the place in which we live.
I am truly favored, I am able to wake up and see this awe-inspiring view, in with walking distance on any given morning (weather permitting).  If I am ever feeling stuck or tiresome, I will just take a stroll down to the ocean and absorb all that this planet has to offer.  It will animate and bring to life anything I am having difficulty in producing.  May it be a painting that has no color scheme.  A piece of writing that has no substance.  Musical composure that has no melody or rhythm.  Or just a welcoming of a “system reboot” to restore sanity.  Anything it may be, I’m sure to find retort at the edge of the lapping water and slowly eroding sands.  Exposing simplicity or possibly bewildering answers can come from this beautiful scene and moment.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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