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Too little, two face

Too little, two face


You must lie in the bed, that you have made?

Maybe that’s why I always slept on the couch.

Made it easier to go, as I had never stayed,

ask any of my Ex’s and they’ll bitterly vouch.

There was never a need, to even kick off my boots,

before the sun could rise, I was out the back door.

Never gave enough time to plant my own roots,

treated love as a dried up flower, I never cared for.

The more they would hold on, to a precious moment,

the harder I would work, to erase it completely.

Beating you down like an unworthy opponent,

after tears run dry, you’ll wish you didn’t meet me.

As cliche’ as it is, the saying goes, “too little, too late”

It doesn’t even matter that I am different now.

It just wasn’t meant to be, thank goodness for fate,

in a way, I helped you, if you can believe that somehow.

As we all take the bad, which outweighs the good,

no matter how good the good was, it is completely forgotten.

I can repaint the trash, even convert to the priesthood,

in the end, the truth is, this boy was downright rotten.


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Cherish brevity. Covet not quixotic.


Our fists clenched, shaking ’em at the sky,

with a flood of irrational emotions, we cry.

Damn this existence of human life’s brevity,

We marvel the idea and covet longevity.

What would we do with an eternity, if we had it all?

We couldn’t enjoy memories, there’d be too many to recall.

Truth being, the only way you can appreciate life, or love anything,

is the notion that you can easily lose it, as it dangles from a string.

It’s just a fact that you long for more time only because it’s not infinite,

If you could say “I love you” for eternity, would you ever really say it?

It’s just the way it goes and there’s no way to stop the motion of science,

the stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and vital acceptance.

As we grieve the end of a loved one’s journey,

hopefully, you spent that time as you both had wished,

as you recall all the great times, that used to be,


if forever were possible, it may not have been so cherished.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


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Intergalactic Escape


You ever get that cosmic feeling,

as if planetary was just not heavy enough?

Not in like an extraterrestrial sense,

more along the lines of hopelessly in love.

When you just can’t find the right word,

to eagerly explain, exactly how you feel.

“I love you just seems so redundant”- she said

“it’s desensitizing to me, and I just can’t deal”

So I set out into the universe to find a new word,

to explain the butterfly feeling that flutters inside,

The problem is I think I had taken too long

I resurfaced to your response “I, have nothing left inside”

I’m so blind to have not noticed, I missed all the signs,

too tired to fight and too dignified to plead,

hindsight, my galactic journey was out of this world

sometimes from love, it’s the escape that you need.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


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space-love-ology: the science of being ok with your alone time.


Love has found itself stuck in a dependent generation

in a single particle state, it is lost in space

symbolized as an atom that has been briefly split up

it lies emotionless until returning face-to-face.

I’m no scientist or an expert in devotion,

I’m definitely not a master of quantum mechanics

I do happen to know a few things about being alone,

something you need to be ok with, there’s no need to panic.

People, when your loved one, is out and about

wish them well, but then just leave them be

as your nuclear force brings you back together

then it’s okay to compute your wave functionality.

Learn to be a lone Proton, Neutron, or Electron

and do not confuse that with being alone, at all,

I promise, distance does, in fact, make the heart grown stronger

despite a sense of crashing, your angular momentum will not let you fall.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


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Let’s, ​Humble Shakespeare.


To be mine

until the end of time

you will need to be

my partner in crime.

Through it all

by each other’s side

locals will call us

Bonnie and Clyde.

We will undeniably make

Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

exhibit as a nigh parody

of his entire career.

When you are upset

I will shout in pain

for you and I are one

we are exactly the same.

When you hurt, I hurt

As you smile I rejoice,

I ask you to be with me

like fate ever gave us a choice.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @



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“may you have this dance”

“I love this song”

I received the subtle hint

One so noteworthy

It needs no print.

I firmly took her hand

aided with her chair

a girl so absolutely stunning

it’s only fitting to stare.

The floor now crowded

we are no longer alone

though unease retracts

in each other’s arms, we’re home.

Lost in this feeling

captivated by the embrace

I am rendered speechless

by her flowing grace.

Each step, breath, and heartbeat

cherished as if it were our last

no dreaming of the future

surely no thoughts of past.

As the song nears its end

she starts to shed a tear

then the band strikes a chord again

the crowd begins to cheer.

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Case Closed

I heard someone once say…

you can’t put your arms around a memory.

I’ll never let that get the better of me,

for in a dream you walk the streets,

spray can in your hand

asking the world if it were “FREE?”


Desolate streets, hours past midnight

feeling invincible with no one in sight,

Tagging “SK” on concrete walls of buildings

Just laughing throughout the night


Carefully, methodically constructing rhymes

written to the melody, sounds and beat,

made by the tones of your Nike, Air Force Ones

as they rhythmically pound on the street.


A wildly ridiculous contagious laugh

in which everyone around you knows,

a dark hole exists in everyones soul now

love we all have for you, positively shows.


Missing that creativity consuming my life

all the more and more each day,

every time I come up with a new beat to share

well… there’s not much more I can say.


I will forever carry the memories with me

remembering the loyalty and love you’ve shown,

with your infamous Woozy Goose tattoo on my leg

I will never walk these desolate streets alone…


Miss you Casey, Aka: Case Closed, Woozy Goose



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @



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