Where all the extra thoughts go

I observe all things around me

I analyze and write what I see,

extra trimmings which remain unwritten

freely spill over into a dream.

They all seem to come together

to create something shockingly new,

My mind never achieves conception

of what is made up and what is true.

In this world I’ve come to know

often the only one I can honestly trust,

takes the leftover thoughts of my day

and transforms them into lust.

This is where I can truly be me

no pressure of love and fear,

for the second my eyes do open

the evidence will disappear.

The sadness will come when I awake

when I realize for now it is gone,

I just need to try and remind myself

awaiting tonights advent won’t be long…


© 2018 Joseph Emerson @ WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com




    1. I’m glad you liked it. I feel more comfortable letting it out in written words, opposed to my actual life where I bottle everything up until I literally lose my senses, so much so that my therapist says that I need to open up and not bottle everything… I always feel like he is always analyzing everything I do and say . haha. As always, thank you so much for stopping by and reading ☺️

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  1. I agree that writing is easier than exposing ourselves in person. I think if we didn’t write we’d all go crazy. So often I see poets sob as they read their words and the “snaps” they hear is the love and respect of those listening. Blogs and poetry slams are safe spaces. Creatively putting your demons out there to be read or heard is courageous.

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  2. So true. I used to take a pad and pen with me. Now my iPhone does the trick. It makes anywhere I go inspirational. I used to tell my students to jot down emotions and sensory details whenever they go to a restaurant or the park. They’d come back to school with the most amazing incite. Just think, without deep thinkers or troubled people we would never have had the brilliance of Edgar Allen Poe, Van Gogh, Mozart. Art in any form comes from torment or imperfection, but the result is well worth it.

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  3. Alright how have I not seen not your blog before! There is a way you gently introduce the idea going bit by bit, delicately, beautifully and then suddenly one finds oneself diving into a deep emotion. Dreams are important for me too, though hazy but sometimes they are everything I need even if they are for some minutes.

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    1. Thank you so much. That’s so nice of you. And yes I believe we get to live two different worlds but most do not pay attention to the sub conscience one… ya might as well enjoy it, since we are technically living it.

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  4. Thoughts… Dream killers, especially when they’re overused. I, yoo, have an article called “Thoughts”.

    Going further on this line, writing has opened my eyes on how strong we can, actually, be if we collaborate with our thoughts, instead of letting them patronize us… 😉

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