Sleep paralysis

Mystifying and cryptic. 

Gloomy and apocalyptic….


This is how I envision

the theater in my head,

Feelings of the colors

black, drab and dark red.

Barbed wire around my lungs,

stabbing, restricting as I breath.

Fluid inside my heart turning black,

Boiling vigorously begins to seethe.


Dark dressed figures are filing in,

organizing a vast congregation.

Eerily anxiously waiting for,

a humiliating public castration.

Never given an adequate chance

to stand or walk tall,

Beaten down relentlessly

they forced me to crawl.

Similar to being stuck in a dream,

trying to fight but feeling too weak.

Opened my mouth attempting to scream,

only to find I can’t even speak.


Escaping to a hot desert scene

where I’m lying on the ground,

longing for a sudden death

as the vultures circle ’round.

I finally awake

as my eyes spring open,

Overwhelming panic

as my body lies frozen.

Cannot move or think

wanting to yell,

ultimate fear comes to life

as I’m stuck in this hell…



© 2018 Joseph Emerson


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    1. Yes. Nice title. I haven’t had it happen since I talked to my therapist about it. Weird coincidence. He said it’s actually common. It happened to me 3 times in with like 4 months or so and it freaked me out. He didn’t seem to be worried… 👍

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      1. Yeah it would happen after days of no sleep. The doc says it’s common and to only report back if it happens more often… I was like “uhh… ok?” it’s not a good time to be awake and not being able to move. Truthfully it only lasts like 6-7 seconds but feels like an eternity as it’s happening. So I of course googled it.. freaky.

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  2. This is actually the first time I’m getting to read a post on this. Okay I have this, a form of this and it’s scary as hell. I’m trying to wake up, while my brain is awake, my body refuses to follow suit. It’s exhausting and frightening. The trick they say is to let your brain fall asleep too because it’s tired but that feels like jumping off a cliff! You made a poem on this, how brilliant!

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    1. I talked to a therapist about this and he didn’t seem to pay much mind to it. It could just be from a major lack of sleep, coupled with a lot of stress. Hasn’t happened to me in a while but it was freaky when it was happening. Thanks again for stopping by and reading, I really appreciate the time. 🤗

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