Welcome home

Hello World and an interim farewell to the Universe

for exploring my potential, I’ll need to start in reverse.

Downsize to our primitiveness, rather than expand,

you can find liberty in simplicity, I know this all firsthand.

Taking one step for man, then stepping two to the rear,

all that hesitation engineers, is another dim lightyear.

Standing sturdily with both feet flat on the ground,

no longer off-base and weightlessly, floating all around.

It is quite humbling, descending back down to Earth

returning to the motherland where our Mothers gave birth.

To a place luxuriant in its stockpile of heavenly oxygen,

taken in slowly, and deeply, can aid in achieving zen.

Idling down the thruster power does not stunt the brain,

It helps to reserve your potential, by keeping you sane.

©2018 Joseph Emerson WWW.whatsinsideamadmanshat.com


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