Murder He Wrote

Am I a horrible human being for contemplating murder?

Set out to kill the unhinged man, simply for having a mental health disorder?

The initial breaking and entering was only at first an impulsive trigger

But then I destroyed his entire home, down to its bricks and mortar.

Although this man is the soul to my being, I just need a little break

I begged to be left alone, as I’m not sure how much more I can take

Thoughts are pounded and driven into my brain like a large stake

I hollered “please flip the hammer around and pull it out for fuck sake”

My plan? I would put on a Halloween mask to hide my true identity

Gloves and a alibi, I think that’s all I need to avoid doing time for a felony,

Should I then stage the scene to look like the gun went off accidentally?

Or should I make him write a suicide note, typed of course, for legibility.

This proves that after I’m dead I will still care what you think of me

Also proof that these nonsensical reflections can’t and won’t leave me be

It’s a sick, sad feeling that I have a profound need to go on a killing spree,

just to stop the arguing and shut up the voices inside, just so I can feel free.

©2018 Joseph Emerson


  1. Great post Joseph. I am sorry you are feeling the pain to write these words, but I can relate. I know the pain, too well, that would bring you to write these words and I am sorry you are feeling them. I have felt the pain too, but you have a far greater talent and ability to express it so eloquently and brilliantly. Thank you for these words. Thank you for your talent and openness with us. Thank you for sharing you with us. I pray you will find peace soon and that your writing helped ease the pain for good or at least for now. Pain creates brilliant works of art. I think I write my best when I feel the deepest and most intense pain. I feel Sylvia Plath and many other artists and writers created their best work during their darkest days. Blessings to you. Be well.

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    1. Thank you so much. I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement. I believe we suffer to help others. All of my artistic friends whether painters, musicians, writer’s and dancers are all victims of their own minds. But I truly believe that each one makes and creates the best art I have ever heard or seen. Pain makes beauty.

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