HEADLINE: Cloud Formation Suppressed!

Warm flowing river water gets pulled up into the sky

forming clouds to which helps the mountain tops hide

past rainstorms cut stone that made way to help it flow

back down to the waiting wildlife that works down below

it is all just one big oval that loops back around

Universe has ways of talking without making a sound

a gusty wind blows and thins the leaves from the trees

that were fed by the clouds made from that exact same breeze

the way we need to reach out and help one another

instead of suppressing those, that we claim is our “brother”

we get so blinded when racing our way into some yacht club

but can’t seem to be bothered to help a fellow man up

you declare “damned if you do and then damned if you don’t”?

I call bullshit on that notion because I just know that you won’t

looking and expecting what you think should be owed to you

instead of doing your part in this world and paying your due

as the wind blows and clouds form, how about you just try a little

being part of this universal cycle and earn more than just a drizzle.


  1. Everyone can help another person, in some way. Those who look at their bottom line, each and every time a person appears, needing help, are not getting the point that the three fingers mentioned in the Bagavad Gita are, in fact, pointing right at them.

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