Backyard BBQ Season

Should I be referred to as vain, or maybe egocentric?

Nope, Listen, I’d rather be called superbly narcissistic.


Always thinking that everyone is pulling at only me

fuels an overwhelming feeling of just wanting to be.


Irksome thinking of things to do and of places to go

simultaneously conjuring up ways to tell people NO.


No, I don’t want to commit to showing at your barbecue

Tell ya what, there’s a chance you’ll see me, if I decide to.


Why am I forced to feel obligated, because you had a notion?

a fantastical gathering, you felt the need to put into motion.


Not like I was sitting around my house waiting for you to decide

on what I should be doing, and to just go along for the ride.


To give you an answer now is like signing my own death wish

next is choosing, than slaving over making a judgeable dish.


“Oh that was delicious, but this is how I would do it”

It’s bullshit like this that forces me to say, “Ah screw it.”


Small talk with those I haven’t paid the mind to ever call

if it wasn’t for unwilling meetings like this, we’d never talk at all.


Time to put into action what I have rehearsed to say to you,

“uh hmm, sure that sounds great, wonderful, I’ll see you in a few!”











    1. hehe thanks. Yeah I dread being told that I am doing things… I don’t get where people get off saying “so I’m having a bbq tomorrow, let me know when you can get here, bring swim shorts and don’t feel obligated to bring anything”. Like what the hell is that supposed to mean? haha. End of story… looks like I am going.

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