message heard

NO. My mind has not resolved it’s usual reckless dashing

be that as it may, no words have made their way to the page.

So much time has passed, many stories have come and gone

yet fidgeting fingers and a lonely keyboard simply did not engage.


An unprejudiced genuine concern from a friend chimed through

triggering a vibrant emotion through all of my digits to the keys,

as distinct as a breeze flowing through linens on a cotton line,

a child’s laughter on a spring day, words had come back with ease.


That giant symbolic steel door that had previously been shut

some nine months now have passed, it has seemed to crack open,

spilling out everything that I have shut away inside that room

fixed with a reinforced padlock now seems to have been broken.


A seemingly simple gesture of selfless concern for a fellow man

unrelated to the matter that would later be brought to the surface

whether that friend may feel his message had not been needed

more than he knows, that interaction did, in fact, serve a purpose…











  1. This is just wonderful! Happy to see you are still skillfully crafting your art. I’ve been off the grid for a while. Health issues, which may further take me away from WordPress. Hopefully not.
    Keep writing. Often times words are our only friends during difficult times. ✌️ Your talent always shines. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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