Blindsided Once Again

Please don’t worry as I will make this one quick

Just a confession that I am once again getting sick.

I call it such when the feelings have come back

The Inner impulses, of a desperation crazed maniac.


“Crazy” comes in all sorts of shapes, and of various sizes

Personalities soon broaden with unauthorized exercises,

I have never asked to see them, Never once called for a visit

A strain is put on my mind while my soul is what they will solicit.


First will come anxiety, with a near second being Depression

Agoraphobia creeps in slowly, Welcoming an irrational aggression.

Paranoia, I say is the worst when it fully takes over the reins

An unexplained feeling, like someone else’s blood is in my veins.


I envy you people who get to see the “funny man” exterior

As the following days grow cold, nothing can get much eerier.

One day of “fun in the sun, surrounded by friends and family”

Is quickly erased by sadness, lunacy, psycho fabrications of agony.


I’ll do it all again for those I love, and who’s smiles I cherish

For them, it is all worth the days of living in my personal hell

… seemingly nightmarish…












      1. Thank you so much. I do know this at the end of the day but sometimes the voices are so loud that I lose my direction. Bad time of the year for the crazies in my head, they come out to play in droves😬 thanks for reading as always 🎩

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  1. I hope my own poems can bring a smile on your face. It is tough to go down. I lost a friend cause of it. Said that, it was also my dearest friend. With a heart of gold. So, I am very sorry to hear you’re not well. Take care!

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