Rooms 12 and 13

Straight black hair with uneven self-cut bangs

large red-rimmed glasses too big for your face,

red lipstick a shade lighter, painted high on your lip

dark pink scars on your wrist, elegantly wrapped in lace.

Visible circles around your eyes show signs of stress

many nights you stay up crying, hardly ever sleep,

desperately praying for it to all be over, in exchange

the lord may take away and have your soul to keep.

Is it a cry for help because of your failure to succeed?

Or are you just trying it on, to see if it fits you well?

I personally understand as I have been there before,

after anonymously giving a false name at a roadside motel.

I laid in a tub, knife in hand unknowing of these feelings,

in the adjacent room you sit crying, I now wish I knew,

I could have invited you over to have a drink with me,

together we could have helped the other, follow through.




© 2018 Joseph Emerson @




  1. A tough thing to accept. Harder to find help for someone else if they don’t want it. Personal experience… it’s something you may need to find for yourself and hopefully ​you make it out alive.


  2. Yikes! A glimpse inside your brain reveals such angst,confusion,sadness and brilliance. I’d hate for this to be a true experience…but I sense it’s based in fact. And that makes me cry. I’m so glad you threw away the knife and picked up a pen.

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    1. not the part about a girl being in the next room. A really odd thing about that night, I had no care in the world yet I was still annoyed that a crappy motel was still $109 for the night. Not sure how or why I remember that. I have been some weird, odd, dark places.

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  3. Darkness often leads creative people to compose their greatest work. Think of Edgar Allan Poe. Everything he wrote was a masterpiece and yet he struggled to stay afloat in real life. Sometimes I think that to truly create with real depth there probably has to be an element of anguish and suffering to bring forth the right words…

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    1. So true, thank you for that. I feel like I’m feeling a bit darker lately, I guess I’m really digging up some stuff. I hope I don’t scare people away on here. Gotta throw a funny one in, here and there. lol

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  4. Don’t worry about scaring people away. Writers write for themselves. When they stop doing that their work ceases to be authentic and genuine. I wouldn’t give a damn about how others see your work. Just write. It’s not about them but you. Find your voice in each piece and let it out. Truth be told I rarely write during the happiest of times. I’m too busy basking in the joy of life. Those moments are to be cherished and lived. I write mostly about what bothers me or hurts my soul. My short stories and novels are more for fun. But Poetry and blog posts for me usually are about easing my soul. I say just go with your gut and write. You can’t get caught up on how it affects others. Not if you’re a true artist. And from your work I sense you are. You might not get this reference because of your age , but you’re like the James Dean of Poetry. You being you works. Sorry, there I go again being a teacher …I can’t seem to help it. 😉

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