I can’t do this alone


Heck, for all the times, that my two eyes,

had rolled into the back of my head,

you’d think I’d see my thoughts pacing,

or the addictive mind that wanted me dead.

For all the times that I had thrown it all up

the poisonous contents inside of my gut,

I”d maybe see what has been eating inside,

and make it all seem a little more clear-cut.

What’s this crawling feeling under my skin?

I wish I could slice at it, to make it bleed out,

but the last thing I need is someone asking me,

“what’s wrong?” , now that, I can do without.

The angels wouldn’t even try to enter my soul,

they claimed they had taken the wrong turn,

they just knew if they tried to enter my aura,

like entering earth’s atmosphere, they’d burn.

So I am left all alone to battle these demons,

maybe I’ll just ask politely if we can coexist,

I humbly admit…

I can’t do without help, that I require from family,

my friends, or in this case I guess, an exorcist.



Β© 2018 Joseph Emerson @ WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com




  1. A powerful piece, the sort of write that grabs you, and whispers ‘listen to this’ in a compelling way.
    It reads like it was a ‘tumbler’, just tumbled out from behind a very personal door.
    Love it Joseph.

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  2. Wonderful piece, my friend.

    Demons are there to guide us towards the light, you know? Just let your mind speak to you, accept the lessons there and step towards the end of the tunnel. Head up high, straight back and confidence in your eyes and heart! Wear these and you’ll never be alone or in need for this kind of battle πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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  3. Honestly, if I ever find myself in such a situation and know of an exorcist who can help, I ‘ll give them a try. When in desperate need of help, we may sometimes take desperate measures too. Always good to reach out and let your world know…

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