You can’t keep it down


You cannot just hurl your problems down river,

not like someone else will take claim to them.

You cannot just lock the vexation away in immure,

it’s just not viable to have, your shame condemned.

They will softly flow downstream nearing a waterfall,

it’ll seem like this verse has reached its denouement,

it’ll be free for a moments time before it crashes below

until its tumbled and pummeled in sadistic enslavement.

Even after all the torture, it has submissively endured,

the inevitable motion makes the effort seem worthless,

as there is no use in fighting the mighty force of buoyancy,

behind the cowardice, you can’t hide, as it comes to the surface.



Β© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


  1. Indeed you can’t – you sure know what you write buddy. I tried, I live parallel lives, I freaked, picked up a knife, and finally got it all out with my pen and now fingers on a keyboard. You sure are inspired and gifted with words, let no problem or person tell you otherwise man

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      1. That’s sweet. I try to get around and check out all art and writing as much as I can. Sometimes it’s tough to keep up but I have a post-it note app on my computer that I leaves notes on certain sites that I check back to periodically. πŸ‘Œ

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  2. LOVE how you structured this, with the feeling of being in a river, then plunging over the waterfall, then coming up to surface at the end. It’s quite a ride, which is tough do with so few words. And you make it look effortless.

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