Sole fear, in a lonely soul


Here we go, pacing once again

another day in the khaki soul,

I can’t recall a sole time when

it was above legendary as a whole.

How many of us can honestly say

“I have changed so many lives today”

in a cosmic kind of way?

To actually have their actions convey?

Shall you speak what’s on your mind

and have all around you listen,

even if it’s not seen by the blind

they still freeze to hear your vision.

Sitting in a dark, windowless room

where a candle won’t even stay lit

rueful to cast a shadow on my gloom

burning its wax would share no benefit.

I lie in a mental painful anguish

a horrible way to waste life in sin,

I need to construct a way to vanquish

refrain from taking Easy Street, expecting to win.

Possibly walk outside and face the sun

to have no fear of the unknown

fearing not, to join a race that’s already begun

victory for myself, is to not be alone.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @




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