space-love-ology: the science of being ok with your alone time.


Love has found itself stuck in a dependent generation

in a single particle state, it is lost in space

symbolized as an atom that has been briefly split up

it lies emotionless until returning face-to-face.

I’m no scientist or an expert in devotion,

I’m definitely not a master of quantum mechanics

I do happen to know a few things about being alone,

something you need to be ok with, there’s no need to panic.

People, when your loved one, is out and about

wish them well, but then just leave them be

as your nuclear force brings you back together

then it’s okay to compute your wave functionality.

Learn to be a lone Proton, Neutron, or Electron

and do not confuse that with being alone, at all,

I promise, distance does, in fact, make the heart grown stronger

despite a sense of crashing, your angular momentum will not let you fall.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


    1. Haha thank you. Was tough to keep it 50/50 with scientific terms and not straying too far from the lesson .. I was wondering if people would understand what some of these terms meant. So thank you again, I feel a lot better 🤓

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      1. Keep it up. I’m glass you feel like less of a freak. Although the freak is what were you aside. My solitude allows me to paint, write, run around the house screaming gibberish. It’s completely ok to be a freak 🤓


  1. The first attempt to comment from my phone ended in a fiasco. But sasha fierce me will try again and here is why: I so so so love this Joe, just starting psychology classes and I feel like the theory with all those ancient researchers is a mix of physics,biology and chemistry and co. Hmm, could this poem be a reincarnation of that era? And talking about alone time, I call them My Me Moments. I so so so love them, I actually miss them – I mean the lengthy ones where I just upped and vamoosed for a few days. Someone once remarked I seemingly couldn’t be bored by myself…hell no i can’t. Can’t seriously even seem to have enough of those Magical Me Moments anymore these days hahaha

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    1. Haha thank you for jumping through hoops to get this comment to me. I’m glad you like it that much. I feel as time goes on, we start to appreciate our alone time a lot more. I just think it’s unhealthy when people literally cannot or will not function without their counterpart with them. Thanks again for reading and commenting. I always appreciate it.


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