Raise up your glass

Photo courtesy: Google Images

If you may listen to my words, as we raise up our glass,

’cause this time that we share, will surely pass.

Be cognizant of the times, whether they’re good or bad,

but don’t dwell on times, that you wish you had.

Don’t hang on to past love, for it wasn’t as it seemed,

just as foolishly useless, as falling asleep in a dream.

You won’t experience joy, when you’re stuck in your head,

like a beautiful dancer, who never left her bed.

Get out and live, never hold back on, and never flee,

from the life that you dream of, let go and just be…



© 2017 Joseph Emerson WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com



  1. “Like a dancer that never left her bed…” (I’m a singer lost on a deserted island 😐 never got the guts to go for it… Luckily, seems like my writing compensates 😉 )

    That’s such a strong analogy.. There’s so much truth within this poem and beyond it!

    Following you… Caught me Red handed 😁

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    1. Thank you so much. I have a girlfriend that is a dance teacher and that line came to me thinking about her drive to always create and finding inspiration in the strangest of songs… doesn’t happen unless you get out and do. Thank you for reading, liking and following.

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  2. Which other catchphrase can say it better: “foolishly useless like sleeping in your dream”! I raise my glass! currently at a networking gala and already bored barely 45 mins into the event. So I take out my tablet and see a notification of this post…I think I’ll go for some white wine…thank you

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