Keyboard Tough Guys

Foolish simple men acting fearless behind their keyboards,

spewing hate from their guts towards anyone they can.

Displaying their intellect using an array of four letter words,

might as well have a bio pic wearing the hood of the Klan.


Their anger inside leaks out profusely as they assault,

silly and pathetic, and really makes you think.

That somehow, in some way, it is not quite their fault,

compensating for where they come up short… wink, wink.


…… I have to admit, I let someones words get to me today.  For no real rational reason I was physically threatened by someone here on WordPress.  I commented on a post thinking I was being supportive as I often do… as we all do, and all I can honestly think is he may have taken it the wrong way? (but I really can’t see how)      I now feel sorry that people need to act like that to prove something.  I will honestly admit that there was a long stretch in my life where I was that man (boy).  So I also feel that I can say from experience that, it is a major insecurity issue mixed with immaturity.  I hope nobody has to deal with this guy as he is every bit of the word, nasty ( to say the least)  I felt that this website was a great place for sharing and for artistic expression that truly doesn’t have a place for that behavior.  I’m just trying to keep my chin up and push through and hope that it was just a fluke situation that I can put it in the past.  I am more upset that I let it drag me down for most of my day.  In a sense he won.   I hope nobody here, ever lets someones words hurt you or puts a hiccup in your inspiration to create.   Take care and happy writing.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson



  1. Joseph, but this was inspiration to you. I, for one, love – particularly – the “wink, wink” thing. Brought a smile to my face

    But listen. This kind of people have a name wandering around the virtual clouds. They’re called trolls. And they do it for fun, so that the other would give in.

    However, you’re smarter than that. My advice for future cases? Don’t waste your energy. Is all a game you have no interest in playing. Step aside and they will have no fuel.

    Unfortunately, the title applies in real life too. Most people are stronger behind the keyboard, but have not guts to come real with it. To drop their masks… (My very first article is called “Masks” 😉 )

    Bottom line: use your energy to write, as your talent is genuine, especially when it comes to rhymes 😊


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    1. Thanks, This was the second time this had happened to me this year. Last time was on Instagram and the guy found out where I worked and contacted my corporate office and made up some crazy stuff that had to be investigated. I just don’t get it. Funny world. But thanks again for the kind words. I had so many people with amazing comments on my posts today that helped drown that jerk out of my head.

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      1. That’s a lesson for your privacy 😉

        Then, it’s your choice who you let into your mind and give the keys to for starting the engine. (Would you check out “Race cars shifting gears”?). Choose to be YOU that ALWAYAS holds the keys. No one else. Is hard, but exercise helps big time 😊

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  2. I’m sorry that his happened to you Joseph. This is a great community and I hope this one incident will not make you form an opinion about us as a whole. You recognized it for what it was and sometimes it’s just hard not to take things personal. We feel misunderstood and things remain unresolved as we don’t get the chance to explain. But it is exactly that that you shouldn’t have to do and the fault if this misunderstanding is based on the immaturity and insecurity. Forgive and set yourself free. Hugs

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  3. Dear Joe, what you have just done I call: “Dealing, Healing and living”. You are human not super human nor alien; so I find it but normal than emotions and feelings dance along whether we consciously want them to or not. You to me Won, both the keyboard toughie and that old you.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. It means the world hearing every ones positive feedback on work that comes from your soul and when you’re simply reciprocating that action.. the last thing you expect is someone claiming that they want to “cut your throat…” and so on, and so on. Wildly strange.


      1. A troll is gonna troll, from unsuspecting victim to victim. Cyber bullying also passes via the blogosphere. That loser has already occupied a lot mental space, give yourself permission to move on. So, what next could be under that hat?

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  4. I am sorry to hear that… unfortunately we are not always rewarded for our kindness… let go and keep having faith that there’re good people out there and those are the ones who deserve your kindness…

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  5. There seems to be a lot of this here lately. Places like this are crawling with sorry sacks of #$%^ and we never know what will set them off. Your words are on point, sir!

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  6. I imagine that there are people like that out there on WordPress. Fortunately, I have not run into many of them (which is fine by me, ha ha). I would think that people would appreciate when someone takes the time out of their day to comment on a post. I say leave him behind and search out better WordPress friends! Have a great week ahead (with no negativity) 😀

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