Artistry in panorama


I feel it’s pretty marvelous that inspiration can come from the place in which we live.
I am truly favored, I am able to wake up and see this awe-inspiring view, in with walking distance on any given morning (weather permitting).  If I am ever feeling stuck or tiresome, I will just take a stroll down to the ocean and absorb all that this planet has to offer.  It will animate and bring to life anything I am having difficulty in producing.  May it be a painting that has no color scheme.  A piece of writing that has no substance.  Musical composure that has no melody or rhythm.  Or just a welcoming of a “system reboot” to restore sanity.  Anything it may be, I’m sure to find retort at the edge of the lapping water and slowly eroding sands.  Exposing simplicity or possibly bewildering answers can come from this beautiful scene and moment.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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