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easier than words


Brush to the oil paint,

color to the canvas

gracefully and magically

making emptiness vanish.

The visions in the mind

manufacturing begins,

regurgitation of essence

spewing out from within.

The undoubted magic

materializes a bit later,

transformation of imagination

like an artistic translator.

The passion and ability

to make brilliance emerge,

from the mind to the hand

I am a conduit for the surge.

To try an explain what I see

I wouldn’t have the first clue,

It’s easier to piece it together

and then just show it to you.






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The Lounge Singer. (Turn it to the right..)

The Lounge Singer. (Turn it to the right..)
Singer Dart Finish

Painting by Me




© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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Idle hands = Death

Callused hands

from a blistered mind,

in overdrive

working overtime.

So naturally

it comes to me,

like a cruising ship

takes to the sea.

But when it drifts

back to the shore,

brings my biggest fear

of being bored.

Creating images

inside my head,

until the day

I wake up dead.

For if I don’t

my brain gets weak,

looking for comfort

in the drugs I seek.

My sober mind

needs stimulation,

as to be kept from

dark isolation.

So in conclusion

or in summary,

I’ll work my hands

until they bleed…



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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Set in Stone


Painting by Me

“Be buried with me” he asks.  As he explores for something more meaningful than a cliche’ and fail-safe question of will you marry me?  The judgement materialized from a request of a partner in a previous life, a kinship that did not quite end so affably.  “To share a headstone with both our names etched in calligraphy as given to us at birth” he continues as she smiles and cheerfully agrees.

“What better way to show a wonderful life lived together?” he adds.  She then chaperones his notions by adding “The true solidarity of a couples commitment” she says in a mocking but playful, overly theatrical dramatization, as she skips about the dining room resembling a waltz.  “Unlike the pieces of paper of a marriage license that can be torn or set a blaze” he says.  “Or the gold of matching rings that can be melted, bent or tarnished, or taken off for that matter?!” she replies making a frivolous face, jokingly insinuating the idea of infidelity.  He chuckles while stating “A truly profound intimacy that is literally Set in Stone!”  he finishes, as he joins her in her waltzy-like romping and skipping around the room to the absent sound of music.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson



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If at first you don’t succeed …


Art and Photo by Me

I start by pacing the charcoal pencil back and forth, hovering slightly over the sketchbook page.  Waiting for the hand to fall, allowing the charcoal point to make its first mark.  To establish the starting point of this slow, drawn out affair of creative incubation.  The charcoal begins to leave it’s first line, resembling the contrail following a jet plane, it sets about it’s own story.  Of where it has been and the endless possibilities of where it may go.  With this in mind I let the feeling mentor the hand, in opposition of the mind setting stringent rules and boundaries, which may allow the imagination to grow musty and clichéd.  Moments pass and the fury continues in increasing potency.  Scribbling and smudging, erasing and rubbing.  Until there’s midnight black power covering both hands, the thighs of my khaki pants, my upper brow and of course that poor sheet of paper.  The natural euphoria wears off and my worst critic comes into view.  Myself.  I stand back and intellectually think   …..    “what the fuck is that?”

So I tear up the scribbled on page and picked up my guitar instead. lol



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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Artistry in panorama


I feel it’s pretty marvelous that inspiration can come from the place in which we live.
I am truly favored, I am able to wake up and see this awe-inspiring view, in with walking distance on any given morning (weather permitting).  If I am ever feeling stuck or tiresome, I will just take a stroll down to the ocean and absorb all that this planet has to offer.  It will animate and bring to life anything I am having difficulty in producing.  May it be a painting that has no color scheme.  A piece of writing that has no substance.  Musical composure that has no melody or rhythm.  Or just a welcoming of a “system reboot” to restore sanity.  Anything it may be, I’m sure to find retort at the edge of the lapping water and slowly eroding sands.  Exposing simplicity or possibly bewildering answers can come from this beautiful scene and moment.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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