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This song is shit





Call it what you want to,

It all becomes so easily unmanaged.


The strength and courage is slain

validating the damage that cannot be undone,

pummeled like an orchid in a torrent rain

or bent out of shape, a vinyl record left in the sun.


You can certainly attempt to forgive

but in no way, will or can you forget,

all in all for as long as you may live

forever twisted like a radio-eaten cassette.









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“may you have this dance”

“I love this song”

I received the subtle hint

One so noteworthy

It needs no print.

I firmly took her hand

aided with her chair

a girl so absolutely stunning

it’s only fitting to stare.

The floor now crowded

we are no longer alone

though unease retracts

in each other’s arms, we’re home.

Lost in this feeling

captivated by the embrace

I am rendered speechless

by her flowing grace.

Each step, breath, and heartbeat

cherished as if it were our last

no dreaming of the future

surely no thoughts of past.

As the song nears its end

she starts to shed a tear

then the band strikes a chord again

the crowd begins to cheer.

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Artistry in panorama


I feel it’s pretty marvelous that inspiration can come from the place in which we live.
I am truly favored, I am able to wake up and see this awe-inspiring view, in with walking distance on any given morning (weather permitting).  If I am ever feeling stuck or tiresome, I will just take a stroll down to the ocean and absorb all that this planet has to offer.  It will animate and bring to life anything I am having difficulty in producing.  May it be a painting that has no color scheme.  A piece of writing that has no substance.  Musical composure that has no melody or rhythm.  Or just a welcoming of a “system reboot” to restore sanity.  Anything it may be, I’m sure to find retort at the edge of the lapping water and slowly eroding sands.  Exposing simplicity or possibly bewildering answers can come from this beautiful scene and moment.



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