Natural disaster

natural disaster
Photo courtesy: Google Images

In an unusual way, it’s a beautiful sight.  The leveling of the concrete exterior, exposing all that lies inside.  Personal artifacts once kept so secret from the outside world, now left out in the open-air for all to view.  Followed by the panic and fear of the unknown.  The wonderment of what will come after such a devastating event starts to trickle in.

Exhausting and physically demanding, with the feeling of no salvage or reprieve in sight.  Leaves you feeling so hopeless and helpless.  Such storms are generally categorized and given names like: hurricanes, monsoons and typhoons.   Only in this occurrence, I am discussing storms categorized and given names like: clinical depression, general anxiety disorder, personality disorder with a surge of obsessive compulsive behavior.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


  1. Yes Joe, you hit the nail right there, never thought of it as such – I hope you don’t mind using it as captured in my Mental Health Advocacy and all out here. Natural Disasters indeed, am definitely following you

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