this day…. (23)

I can’t stand looking at her stand over his bed anymore. It’s so sad to watch somebody’s life fade before their face. It feels so selfish of me to even think about how “I” am feeling about all of this. I’m not the one that is watching my life get pulled away from me, like a tidal wave just came through and washed it all away, without being able to latch on to anything to hold your head above water.

Life is so unfair…

If you believe that, if you “do it all right” it should be easier….. so wrong.
Just pretending to control the uncontrollable… Delusional..

There is nothing you can do to go back in time, to right the wrong. There is no way to go back and make anyone pay for what they have taken away from you…. that would just mean that you were able to put a price on it. There is nothing you can do but sit there and blame…. blame god.. blame yourself.. blame the people that are responsible.. blame society… ?

Revenge! What a silly word. Does nothing.. Angrily hopeless..

Although it is perfectly ok to feel pain in your own way. However you wish to escape. Whether it be harmful to yourself or others…. that’s your wish. We are given the right to do as we wish, as long as we know of the consequences that await.

Mom I understand your pain and I wish you nothing but calmness of your mind…..

I’m so sorry you are going through this



© 2015 Joseph Emerson


  1. It’s amazing how some of us hold out for time travel so we can go back and have what happened never happen. Recognizing first that we want to go back, and second, that the wish is impossible is the precursor to finally letting it go. Been there. Great post.

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