Full of empty… A letter to myself

Dear Me,

I am writing to you because I can no longer face you, to tell you that I am sad.  It is just heartbreaking to see you deal with, what you think you are going through.  We have had our highs, and we have dealt with blows.  In no way, shape or state is it a valid excuse to treat yourself the way that you have been.  Alcohol and drugs do not fix.  They numb.  They enable you to sweep the “real” under the bed, until there is too much, and it makes it too uncomfortable to sleep.  I know this, you know this.  I am here on my knees, pathetically, selfishly begging you to stop.  Stand up.  Dig all your problems up and face them like a man.  No more self pity.  No more being scared.  The only tears shall be the happy ones when you see me looking back at you proud that you have accomplished more, than what the sorrow had achieved in breaking you down.

Until then, goodbye and I hope to see you in the near future,

With Love,




© 2016 Joseph Emerson WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com


  1. I’ve been scrolling through your posts for a couple of days now. You are such a great writer. You know how to deliver. I wish I had to your skills and strengths. Your page is awesome too, fancy designing mine. 😂 You’re a top lad! 🙌🏻

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    1. Thank you, ​James. Means a lot. I appreciate you spending some time here to check my stuff out. Most of my writing comes from deep inner struggles. So as I am writing the flow sometimes gets very painful, when I start getting really angry, upset, or mentally lost I decide it’s time to wrap it up… that’s when the “delivery” comes into play. The ending is crucial. Kinda just have to let it happen. Then when I’ve calmed down, I proofread, pick apart and decide if it’s post-worthy​. I really enjoyed your post “On the road to recovery”. hit home pretty hard. I felt every word stack on top of the next, fitting perfectly and couldn’t stop reading. Thanks again James, we will talk again soon I imagine. 🎩

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      1. I get what you mean so much, as of recent I had to delete a lot of posts because they where so dark, I struggle to know when to stop, so what a great quality to have. I’m glad you enjoyed my post ‘On the road to recovery’, isn’t it strange how reading a post of someone else can make such an impact? Please know my friend wherever you sit and feel you need to talk, hit me up. I’m always happy to listen! 🙂

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