Closing time

Closing time
Closing time [zoom’d]

This is who I want to be. Small shop owner, in which I’m the only employee. No drama except my own. Come and go as I please. Don’t have to count on and/or be disappointed by anyone. One day…


  1. Love the artwork and all the bright colors which Perhaps tell a slightly different story from your comment About a solitary venture. This piece put me in mind of Piet Mondrian. The colorful rectangular shapes immediately made me think of his work.
    Your goal is a great one and certainly doable. Keep this painting as a reminder when you accomplish it. And hang this up when you get your shop.

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    1. Aww thank you so much. I love color… If you knew my history of artwork you would say I was a liar. I used to spend hours drawing and then I would ruin everything with color. Sketch books filled with charcoal, pencil, and sharpie. Then one day I stopped stressing about it, and it just kind of happened. Color came into my life. Thanks for checking it out.. as always 😉🎩

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  2. Yes color is A wonderful thing. But, I totally understand the lack of it. I started college as an art major. Charcoal and pen and ink. (I was obsessed with Aubrey Beardsley’s pen and ink work Back in the late 60’s). But interestingly Enough I think and dream in color and So I then started to add a little water color To my work. Besides I needed to make money and so I did water colors for pregnant women. Rather like Kate Greenaway or Beatrix Potter’s style. (Children in turn of the century clothing Baby clothing)etc. and unbelievably it sold. That and calligraphy helped me feed my son in the late 70’s. And Wonder of wonder years passed and now that they’ve invented colorful markers it makes it so easy to bring color into everything. As a teacher I drew or painted my own display boards and had the students join in. It was so freeing. But truth be told, my favorite thing is To sketch just Using a pencil and paper. No color. The color often is just in my head.
    Your work has inspired me. I haven’t drawn in several years. Especially since I’ve been ill. But,I think it’s time to begin again. Keep creating I like your style. And thank you so much for keeping my hazy chemo brain motivated to start Doing artwork again. This piece truly registered with me. It sparked an interest in art again that I thought had disappeared. Apparently not. So I am grateful to you! .

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    1. I am in awe that I am able to spark creativity in anyone. I am truly flattered. I have always just loved creating… growing up we didn’t have much money so I was really good at making, and creating things from my imagination. Creating something from nothing is purely magic. My gradfather (I swear you and I had talked about this before in the past) would bring home stationary and I would get my hands on a pencil or set of colored pencils and markers, and it was as if someone handed me gold. I was so anxious today when I woke up, meditation wouldn’t help. Once I grabbed my brushes my hands stopped shaking. I hope you start to create something beautiful, whether the color is in your mind or on the page.. I would love to see. Thinking of you, sending positive vibes. Your friend Joe 🎩

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      1. Yes, you did share a few stories about your grandfather. You wrote about him and that sparked my own memories of my grandpa. I think that’s one of the best parts of poetry and art. The artist or writer seems to possess a magic time machine that takes the observer on a journey to another place and time. That’s why and how you and I can connect even though we are decades apart. Art transcends time and space. ✌️Creativity has no specific decade.

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