Can I even write? Will it be worth our time?

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Early mornings I have the same routine.  Wake up, put coffee on, jump into the shower… now this is where my mind starts to poke at my intellect.  For the past week or so now, I have this appetite to write in comparatively greater length to my previous efforts, or to what I am ordinarily comfortable with.  I have a story in mind that I feel needs to be taken out of my head and dumped onto paper, or up into the proverbial cloud.  That’s easy, I feel anyone can really do that to some extent.  What I am looking for is a piece of writing that will, in the left hand get this idea off of my chest, and in the write hand, keep a reading audience engaged.  I would like it if others enjoy it, as much as I feel I will in the process of creating it.  My question is… Should I?  Do I challenge myself to see if I can keep a reader wanting to read on?  To create such emotion and wonder to compel someone to scroll down, or turn the page?  I guess I am searching for the prompt to just do it.  What do you think?  Write, or just keep dreaming?  If you have any insight or tips/pointers to writing in any considerable length, please comment as this will be my first exploration in “Real” story telling.  I am currently not certain if I am aiming for a short story, a novella or 2000 page trilogy here… or has my mania kicked into overdrive where I am delusional and I just momentarily feel like this proposal is even feasible.

I kind of just want to let it happen with no real surmise.

Thanks you in advance,



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  1. A great place to start is writing regular short stories 🙂 I often find mine have the potential to expand and become something longer!

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  2. Of course you should write. You can dream AND write at the same time. As a retired writing teacher I encourage you to give it a try. Long, short passages, Poetry, pros, spoken word, whatever you feel like doing after that morning cup of coffee. Go for it. As I told my students, if you want to become a good writer, then you need to write. So write. Even if it’s only a couple lines. Just do it. And have fun with it! Enjoy. Happy Writing!

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  3. Look, Joseph. There may be billions of writers to tell me I’m wrong. However, I write because I want to, I write because I feel it, I write as it comes. I have no deadlines on it and no real purpose. I just write. The only time I read what I write is for proofing. Because I live it!

    And I’ve been told my writing comes natural. And, Yes, it does. And I don’t ask myself if I’m good enough. I just go for it. The only person to know if your work is good enough is yourself, man. Don’t make a goal about engagement. Readers will come back if you’re happy with your content. It shows! Take my word for it.

    I have few followers, but I’d rather go for quality over quantity.

    As for income from writing (if you were thinking about it, as I do), look for people to trust you doing a great job. You know you can do it. If you can do poetry and prose, you can do economics articles, advertising, anything. Just go for it.

    I am 😊 Join the ride and we will both be happy 😊

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      1. I’m just straightforward. I always speak my mind. And I don’t care if people judge, Joseph. If that’s all they can do, their loss, not mine.

        But you? You’re better than that. And you know it. Stop questioning your self-worth, rather embrace what comes out of your mind and, consequently, your hands 😊

        Believe, man, believe. In yourself 😉

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