Too little, two face


You must lie in the bed, that you have made?

Maybe that’s why I always slept on the couch.

Made it easier to go, as I had never stayed,

ask any of my Ex’s and they’ll bitterly vouch.

There was never a need, to even kick off my boots,

before the sun could rise, I was out the back door.

Never gave enough time to plant my own roots,

treated love as a dried up flower, I never cared for.

The more they would hold on, to a precious moment,

the harder I would work, to erase it completely.

Beating you down like an unworthy opponent,

after tears run dry, you’ll wish you didn’t meet me.

As cliche’ as it is, the saying goes, “too little, too late”

It doesn’t even matter that I am different now.

It just wasn’t meant to be, thank goodness for fate,

in a way, I helped you, if you can believe that somehow.

As we all take the bad, which outweighs the good,

no matter how good the good was, it is completely forgotten.

I can repaint the trash, even convert to the priesthood,

in the end, the truth is, this boy was downright rotten.





    1. Yes but most of us “douchebags” are so full of ourselves that we don’t think there is an issue until we “grow up” and then we just have a sac of remorse and regret. As long as you can learn from the mistake and not repeat it (knowing that you are, an above said douchebag) then you can redeem yourself…. maybe. who knows? Rocket science makes more sense to me. lol

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    1. A lot going on lately. Sold a couple of my trucks, bought a new one, work, traveling for work, getting ready to put boat back in the water… Life. Lol. Sorry it’s been so long. ๐Ÿค 


      1. Thanks. Stuff has been brewing… just not making it’s way to the paper. I’ll be traveling again next week for work so I’ll make some good use of the hotel room time and write some more. ๐Ÿ‘


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