Lost, and… found?


I always joke and say, you can’t lose what you never had,

so what if I needed cash, and sold my mind in a want-ad?

I felt it was like useless junk that I hoarded between my ears,

if I’m being honest, I don’t think I had used it in like 20 years.

Just made me do a bunch of nonsense that I never wanted to do,

Drinking, smoking, sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll, just to name a few.

Sure, it took me to great places, but it was always on My dime,

it also used me and abused me when I was young and in my prime.

If I think about it, I never had it, because I was never in control

however, control is just an illusion, so I had never made it my goal.

Nevertheless, I am a bit older now and would like to give it another try,

to the person who bought it, if you’re reading could you please press reply?

I’ll gladly pay what you paid, or if you want me to pay interest I shall,

I can make out a check, send cash, or credit or if it’s easier to use Paypal?



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @ WhatsInsideAMadmansHat.com




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