Intergalactic Escape


You ever get that cosmic feeling,

as if planetary was just not heavy enough?

Not in like an extraterrestrial sense,

more along the lines of hopelessly in love.

When you just can’t find the right word,

to eagerly explain, exactly how you feel.

“I love you just seems so redundant”- she said

“it’s desensitizing to me, and I just can’t deal”

So I set out into the universe to find a new word,

to explain the butterfly feeling that flutters inside,

The problem is I think I had taken too long

I resurfaced to your response “I, have nothing left inside”

I’m so blind to have not noticed, I missed all the signs,

too tired to fight and too dignified to plead,

hindsight, my galactic journey was out of this world

sometimes from love, it’s the escape that you need.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


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