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Is it me? Or is it My?

Is it me? Or is it My?

Answers to riddles will come in time.

Who am I? When or where?

Asking the meaning of life

I do not dare.

Why things must happen,

most will never know.

Where your imagination stops.


Where children’s “big dreams” go.

Stop creating questions,

quit wondering why,

for the answers to the riddles

will come in time.

They’ll be shown to you

when the time is just right,

for stressing and planning

are not worth the fight.

Just when all the stars

seem to align as they should,

you’ll just go about your day

as you normally would.

Without a grand entrance

or a theater spotlight,

the answers to life’s riddles

will come disguised in dream..



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @



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Where all the extra thoughts go

I observe all things around me

I analyze and write what I see,

extra trimmings which remain unwritten

freely spill over into a dream.

They all seem to come together

to create something shockingly new,

My mind never achieves conception

of what is made up and what is true.

In this world I’ve come to know

often the only one I can honestly trust,

takes the leftover thoughts of my day

and transforms them into lust.

This is where I can truly be me

no pressure of love and fear,

for the second my eyes do open

the evidence will disappear.

The sadness will come when I awake

when I realize for now it is gone,

I just need to try and remind myself

awaiting tonights advent won’t be long…


© 2018 Joseph Emerson @




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