Set in Stone

Painting by Me

“Be buried with me” he asks.  As he explores for something more meaningful than a cliche’ and fail-safe question of will you marry me?  The judgement materialized from a request of a partner in a previous life, a kinship that did not quite end so affably.  “To share a headstone with both of our names etched in calligraphy as given to us at birth” he continues as she smiles and cheerfully agrees.

“What better way to show a wonderful life lived together?” he adds.  She then chaperones his notions by adding “The true solidarity of a couples commitment” she says in a mocking but playful, overly theatrical dramatization, as she skips about the dining room resembling a waltz.  “Unlike the pieces of paper of a marriage license that can be torn or set a blaze” he says.  “Or the gold of matching rings that can be melted, bent or tarnished, or taken off for that matter?!” she replies making a frivolous face, jokingly insinuating the idea of infidelity.  He chuckles while stating “A truly profound intimacy that is literally Set in Stone!”  he finishes, as he joins her in her waltzy-like romping and skipping around the room to the absent sound of music.

© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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