The Toolbox

Minnesota_State_Capitol_Woodworkers_Toolbox_Historical_SocietyThey broke in again last night.  The thoughts and anxiety burst through the exoskeleton I had erected around my emotions, and they were clever enough to see through the impenetrable cloud of Zoloft.   Luckily this time they were not so masterful in stealing anything from me.  Too weak to carry anything off.  Fortunately I was able to stop and consider what my therapist would have said to me, if I had brought this up in discussion… he would say “use your TOOLS to help yourself”

So, I did just that… I dug deep into my toolbox. First I utilized a philips screwdriver to back out and loosen some of the screws, so I wouldn’t feel so tight.  Then I grasped for my ball pein hammer, just to knock a little sense into my noggin’.  Used a coping saw to skillfully remove my heart, as to no longer feel any pain in my chest.  Last but not least gathered some wire strippers and electrical tape to rewire my brain a bit, and put things back into order so that everything was laboring just right.  Tidied up the mess and stood back to applaud my work.  Michelangelo himself would have been self-satisfied to put this masterpiece on exhibit … haha ahh anyways

Thanks Doc.  Your advice and teachings really do help.  Can’t wait till next week, seeing the look on your face when you have learned that I am benefitting from our sessions…



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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