blank paper

At this moment in time, I am not specifically exhibiting any true feeling

A lovely thing as it means that I am not expressing anything too unappealing

I am able to take this blank slate, and create anything I would like

A painting, a love note, or a short story about a King and his Reich

A standard story, done a thousand times over, with yeomen kneeling at his feet?

Nah, not in the mood for counterfeit reiterations that’ll surely put you to sleep

This will be my pinnacle story that will put me high upon my podium in the clouds

Running ink dry signing autographs, trying to part my way through the crowds

“What a marvelous piece of literary work, we have not seen such artistry before”

The words will fluidly flow incessantly, kindred to waves lapping upon the shore

Panic-stricken or sad you’ll feel, when you sense there are only a few pages left

Purposely leaving you with an arresting cliffhanger, smartly and played so deft

Swaying in your rocker, you will smile holding the closed book near to your heart

If only I had the right lighting, mood music, a character, or a subject to even start

Grant me amnesty for driving you down cul-de-sac roads of my scatter-brain thoughts

I’ll get back to the drawing board to produce some genuinely adept, characters and plots



  1. Reading your work is like looking inside my own brain. Sometimes, I think you must be a child of my creations. I wonder after seeing your thoughts in print if you are a younger piece of myself that has broken off and ventured away on its own journey. Hmmmm

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    1. Ha awesome. I had my girlfriend read our conversation about the music at your college coffee houses and she loved it. It’s all the music we know and listen to. So cool. I love our chats. I’m also flattered that you enjoy my writing. Means a lot. Thank you so much

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  2. It just is extraordinary to read your stuff. It hits me to the core and strikes a familiar chord. Some pieces truly are like you’ve reached into my mind. Crazy, right. The universe connects people. Perhaps you were my son in another life. Or in dream time. And yes I do enjoy your writing. That killing piece you wrote creeped me out… scared the heck out of me. We are all capable aren’t we?

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