Misery hates company

Impulsive this is not, by virtue of perpetual hours of considerate speculation

I have come to find that I cannot find reprieve in a phony jet set molded vexation

It is said that misery loves company, well I beg to differ from such a cheap statement

As I get brainsick around such deplorable’s caught in their self loathing enslavement

To free myself from these chains of hate, I must find a numbing inside my brain

Nothing by hands of pharmaceutical scientists, unsupported claims of relieving pain

Agoraphobic? No, I can arduously, though eventually, exit through my front cell door

I just wouldn’t if I had empowering choice, no family, friends, need for a job or a store

I will, as I’m forced to, just deal with the situations brought to me so emphatically

Just like I will deal with the crippling anxiety that will also come on so dramatically

Life I can’t escape from, chemically I tried, a depressed outcome is always so much worse

I draft up a script, scrutiny of every angle and plot twist, then with all of you, I rehearse.


  1. Hi, Joe! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post on my retirement. I guess you are right. Misery really doesn’t love company. Hope you are permanently through trying to escape chemically. That’s a non-starter for sure.

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  2. Joseph, that was brilliant! “My front door cell.” A perfect metaphor for what so many feel, but cannot express. I so wish my late husband could have read this piece. Your courage wears the armor of words, written in elegant poignancy. Bravo my friend! This was extraordinary.

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  3. Of course , this is wonderful. You are brilliant. I love this line. “To free myself from these chains of hate, I must find a numbing inside my brain.” I get that. I have had to numb my brain many times to free myself from many, especially from ignorance… I love all the lines but that one got me. Thanks Joseph. You are great. I hope you are doing well.

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