Too much good.

I am starting to not feel so well,

I can feel pain inside of my bones,

The tired feeling in my heavy lids,

my mind, breaks free and roams.

Lord knows what I would give,

for a lasting dose of adrenaline

to light a fire up under my ass,

as my heart escapes my skeleton.

In spite of everything

with knowledge of what I should do,

I choose to sit here and wallow,

in a state of complete snafu.

Looks like I have hit a wall again

overwhelmed with social stimulation,

teeming with once wanted stimulus,

now time for some elation-deflation.

I can suppose that the majority

would love to feel this high,

but for me, the effect is painful,

tears emerge, then quickly run dry.

I know this may not make much sense,

I really did not expect it to,

but for me, it transpires like clockwork,

or if possible, a prophesied deja vu…?

It’ll come a thousand times more,

although I am never really ready,

when I am stuck in this state of confusion

it can all seem a little bit heady.





  1. Great poem and drawing as well. I can understand your poem. I understand it completely as I have lived it as well. I am sorry that things are becoming difficult for you. I pray you feel better soon. Keep keeping on. You will make it. You are an amazing and strong person. Peace and blessings, Sue

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      1. I love that. “I feel much better after I write it all out of me.” That is exactly it. That is why writing is so therapeutic. I feel the same way. Sometimes I don’t even know what I am writing or why. I just feel the need to write it out of me like you said. I feel the need to express myself and get my emotions out. When I am finished I feel much better. Like I talked my way through it as I was writing. I get it. Thank you Joseph.

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