The smell of the freshly lit campfire,

the firework sound of the crackling cedar,

sadly muffled and shadowed by talking

from this sideshow circus’ ringleader.

Rehashing conversations from the past

always starts with a “Hey, remember when?”

Yes. Just like we did last time you were drunk

please, why must I have to relive this again?

I’m practically forced to crack a stupid grin

acting like I’ve never heard this version before,

why don’t you just write it into a book bro

and we can call it “Distorted Tales -N- Folklore”

Shall we try and mix this game up a bit?

Give this tired ole story a break for a while,

let’s create and imagine a bogus fantasy world

as phony as yours, yet sculpted with artistic style.

Dude, I hate to sound like a buzzkill party pooper,

but we’ve heard this more than our ears can allow,

it was not that cool back when it actually happened

or we would be doing the same damn thing right now.



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


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