The Impending Pendulum​

This evening’s sunlight finally subsides

candlelight cast eerie shadows onto the wall

a moons rise and decline, inspiring the tides

seems much faster, as if we were nearing fall.

Feeling nocturnal in these darkest of hours

a trancing grandfather clock, so rhythmic

with mysticism, I dwell possessing powers

to hex the wooden statue to miss a tic.

If I can stutter time that forges the future

similar to an arrhythmia of the heart

if possible I’d dread being denominated as “Ruler”

my key crux lies in not knowing where to start.

It’s just not tangible to be a sorcerous king

I think I’d prefer all to have reason and order

no being, has the right to control a pendulum’s swing

such a debacle would spawn, consequential disorder.

A system of reckoning will come and go as planned

as we are all trapped in the crashing waves of time

No way can I pause it with just a wave of the hand

I’ll just try to do the most, with the little bit that’s mine.


© 2018 Joseph Emerson @


  1. Thank you for a wonderful read. It had a haunting touch to it. Especially, since I was thinking of daylight savings time, and turning back the clocks. I liked the words, “If I can stutter time that forges the future similar to an arrhythmia of the heart.” To have such power, would be frightening. Thanks again, and take care.

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      1. Just record it on your phone. You don’t need to do a video. Just do the voice. If you need more courage play music in the background. Play with it. It’s rather less scary if it’s use your voice and not you performing. Try that. For students who weren’t comfortable getting up in front of the class they’d record themselves on their phone and we’d listen. It’s a great way to break the ice. I know you can do it! 👍

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      2. Always! Your talent is truly genuine and needs to shared. Yes, I’m a reader and lover of poetry and pros, but I’ve been an educator for the majority of my life, and to not encourage someone with a gift would be against everything I believe in. Keep writing and sharing in whatever way works for you.

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      3. So nice of you. I’m am in utter shock at the feedback that I have been getting. I just started this as an escape from everything and it has had an unbelievable response. So cool. Thanks again, you are too nice.


      4. So I tried to record it with some theatrical help from my girlfriend and it’s starting to sound like something lol I also noticed I read it out loud differently than in my head.. Weird.


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