Mooooo Jersey

Feeling dizzy and upside down,

foggy, dazed, and discombobulated.

Affected by everything turning around

But I don’t need to be forcefully inoculated!

A gross step in the wrong direction

unsure, as it all appears awfully twisted.

”Take this now without any question”

before it irrefutably becomes blacklisted.

Am I the one who’s mad?

Since I won’t coexist with your list?

I will never be your bondservant comrade

Stupid sheepish American Communists!

Flu shots and COVID vaccines are compulsory?

You dumb shit autocratic ignorant assholes!

You used me as an accessory,

to valuelessly fatten up your polls?

You called us ”Conspiracy theorists”

You’ve called me “Nonconformist”

Names given to those who speak their rights?

Definitely not your leftist crybaby,

I’ll allow you to suggest, Reformist….

…. you suck Gov. Murphy

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