Bad remembery.


As life used to seem a lot simpler

it was significantly easier to organize,

burdensome years pass impulsively

relatively, right before our eyes.

Before it was like a cottage home

with labeled signs upon the doors,

Now it is like a one-hour motel

hustled and employed by whores.

With all the comings, and goings

practically absurd to try and keep track,

My thoughts would love nothing more

than to live in a one-room shack.

I can remember every detail

the “good-ole’-days” when I was young,

but ask me if I paid the electric bill

you would think I had no tongue.

As simple as looking for your keys,

you now enter another room,

Take that thought, tie it to a log

and just send it down the flume.

I can not rely on my memory

remembering anything, is beyond me,

So much so, I have created a term for

It is now called my “bad remembery”



© 2018 Joseph Emerson @






      1. Oh how I understand that. I will not write for a week and then as soon as the words start to come they may not stop for hours and hours at that may be at 2am

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      2. I just forced myself to drink and eat. Outloud said must stop writing must eat!!! Now I am going on a photography adventure to clear my mind for other possibilities

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      3. There is an owl hooting in the middle of the day so I am setting out to try and find her.
        It is a freak show world that is for sure!!!
        Fortunately, back here, it is all quiet and nature. If I didn’t need electric to charge my wheelchair I would gladly sleep in a tent next to a river in the middle of nowhere for the rest of my life

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