I freely cannot say that we are free.

The high society or haut monde, if you will?  Are anything but equitable.  Playing God, intervening and “playing house”, acting as caregivers to the lower orders, the riffraff, the commoners.

Don’t you dare belittle me, you self-righteous villains?  Strutting around with your noses in the air.  Acting like it’s for any other reason than to keep from smelling scripted bullshit that compulsively pours out from your mouths.

Like small children burning ants with a magnifying glass, they play with us.  Like we are some kind of disposable condom, they cast us aside when they’re done abusing it, not giving half of a thought, as it sinks to the bottom of the sea, letting it become someone else’s problem.  Spreading their infectious, corrupted seeds, making sure as to not let any suspicion, dribble down the cracks onto the parasites below.

I’m pretty sure if you look closely, the Statue of Liberty says:

“We hurdle your masses, that want to be free, we keep them tired and poor, for our own benefits and wealth, nothing more”.

None of the “1%” or any politician has ever genuinely had, any regard or concern for his “fellow man”,  it has, and always will be, for some sort of recognition.

That is not real.  That is not open-handed or self-sacrificing.  I challenge you to do it for little compensation and little to no commendation.  That’s obviously rhetorical.  Society could never allow this to happen.

As I digress, I am well aware that I have a voice and a platform, I can do with it as I wish, until the day that squeak becomes too loud, and I am seized and shut down.  Until then I will write, scribble, scream, and flail my arms like an imprisoned lunatic until I am heard and set free.



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  1. I appear to read this differently (or maybe I choose to) as Bharath Upendra says we have liberty and I don’t think you are denying that, but it’s the lies that incense me as I think you’re saying? I love the line ‘ I challenge you to do it for little compensation and little to no commendation.’ Because although they say they are serving society; as you point out they are serving themselves. Still, it’s a great rant 🙂

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  2. But well you can’t ignore.. By the time they do come around to figure what you’re trying to do.. Your voice would already have spread…too far.. Too wide.. For ‘them’ to silence…

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  3. Extremely profound my man and welcome back from your hiatus. Check this out, I wanted to know if you would be interested in being a participant in my interview series with poets from WordPress. I’ve interviewed 8 poets in the last 5 months, and after exploring your poetry I’m intrigued and would love to learn more about you. You can check out my page under the tab “Voices behind the words” to see the rest of the interviews. Peace and love

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    1. Thank you so much. I would be absolutely honored. I will be sure to put this in my reminders to check out the site as soon as I am off of work. Thank you for reading and appreciating. Means a lot that people enjoy my work.

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  4. You hit the nail on the head!!

    So many people are playing “god”, what they fail to realize; God isn’t happy with none of what’s going on. I know God is going to show up and show out sooner than we think.

    Time… and things… are changing… we don’t know nowadays what season it is…

    People are bold and doing dark things that we wouldn’t ever imagine.

    What is the world coming too???

    The problem is— EVERYBODY want to be “in charge”; EVERYBODY want to be the “leader”; they neglect to see, before anyone can be a leader, one must know how to lead; with that being said, a leader must follow in order to lead. That’s part of the process of developing leadership.

    Free… ummmm… we are not free… We will be free when we as a whole Human Race come TOGETHER to set goals to make a DIFFERENCE for the better… Things have to change!! In order for it to change, we must stand up and be heard TOGETHER!!!

    We are a POWERFUL force TOGETHER than apart!!

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    1. Very very true. You are so right about knowing how to follow to be a leader. “everyone” is right, so much so that they cannot see through the haze of BS. It’s getting very sad and frustrating. I was told that I’m only frustrated because I care so much. Thank you for reading and commenting ✌️

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      1. I agree 110%

        People need to WAKE UP!!!

        I’m frustrated, because I’m tired of all the lies… more so, I’m so so so so tired of people believing their lies… Those are the people who is going to have nightmares and a rude awakening when EVERTHING hit the fan worse than— what it is….

        It’s dark… but a darker turn is coming… They better come back to REALITY; they are not keeping secrets anymore– It’s out in the open.. It’s on the news, it’s visible in the movies we see, it’s on the radio, it’s in the music we listen too, it’s every where we go…

        but they know the people are blind to the facts…

        WE have to wake up and see they are NOT for us; they are against us!!!

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  5. One man’s freedom to own big brand goods is child slavery in a country he hasn’t heard of and cares nothing about
    one man’s civil liberty to buy weapons maybe even soldiers shouldn’t have is death for someone else’s children
    one man’s good time is a woman’s hell.
    Freedom is a bad joke.
    Try being compassionate and unselfish instead.
    My rant in you comment box. Sorry.

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      1. acceptance is the struggle. There is too much all around us that, as you say crowds our minds, and it’s so dang overwhelming at times. I get so frustrated I scream and write and it’s like a release. Cleared mind and free to start crowding it up again haha

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      2. That’s why writing is the best free cure one can get without struggle. Even for self-relief only (without publishing) 😊 An overcrowded mind pushed me towards it, in the first place. But I would never let go of such painkiller… Ever again!

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