The Lone Fisherman 1.1 (Read Part 1.0 first) – The Family Manager

Photo taken by Me

Part 1.0 of this story can be found HERE

“It’s time to get up.” She casually whispers, as she sneaks a peek into his darkened room, only slightly illuminated by the standby LED lights on his custom built gaming computer, standing upright in the corner.  He detectably rouses just enough to murmur, “mm hmm” then returns back to a profound sleep.  “Bird! I’m not kidding, you’re gonna miss the bus and I’m not driving you this morning” she now yells from the kitchen while pressing the on switch on the back of the Keurig coffee maker.  The youngest of four boys embarks on his journey to the bathroom, mumbling some gibberish under his breath, portraying as if it’s his mother’s fault that the bus route, and the townships high school schedule impede on his much needed rest, undoubtedly after pecking away at his keyboard into the wee hours of morning.  “Chocolate milk and vitamin are on the counter” she discloses as she pushes up on tip-toes to place a kiss on his cheek before retiring back to her room to get ready for work.  The clanging of the garage door openers spring sounds for the second time this morning, however this time is not pursued by the thud of the door closing.  After the families manager vacates the home, pressing the garage door closer for the last time this morning, the house falls peacefully inaudible once again.



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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