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The real me.


Hello.  Please stay tuned, and hang around for one more,

the real excitement is found in, not knowing what’s in store.

I’ll try my darndest to keep you, perplexed and discombobulated,

I can promise that all my material is quite new and never antiquated.

Eyes will bulge out of your thinker, in disbelief and sheer doubt,

as the madness, creativity, and genius percolates and spills out.

They may have the sneaking suspicion, that I am utterly insane,

maybe some are just inadequate in seeing the passion I obtain.

To make them all laugh, so hard they’ll nearly fall off of their seat,

The saddest part is, it is all made up stories, of lies and deceit.

A defense mechanism created as a shield to keep safe, and hidden,

allowing others to my safe place is comprehensively forbidden.

The nerves come out in laughter, my fear comes out in gibberish babble,

Just the thought of going outside makes my cloak of invulnerability unravel.

So I am glad that you stayed tuned in, I greatly appreciate the audience,

I hope that you don’t judge me on the fact that my persona is inglorious.



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