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easier than words


Brush to the oil paint,

color to the canvas

gracefully and magically

making emptiness vanish.

The visions in the mind

manufacturing begins,

regurgitation of essence

spewing out from within.

The undoubted magic

materializes a bit later,

transformation of imagination

like an artistic translator.

The passion and ability

to make brilliance emerge,

from the mind to the hand

I am a conduit for the surge.

To try an explain what I see

I wouldn’t have the first clue,

It’s easier to piece it together

and then just show it to you.






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I’m Living by YOURself image​


I sit and fret avidly and actively feeling sorry for myself

pose, established precisely around the status quo,

recommended requirements for what I must and mustn’t,

from the opinions of those, I don’t ever wish to know.

So what if they think, I’m corny, nerdy, and overweight?

Their own insecurities surface as they poke fun or tease

The only thing that truly matters to me is when I’m home,

my lover is impatiently waiting, to give me a squeeze.

Problems that we have in present day are not even “real”

these so-called issues we have will halt all motivity,

the youth of today will ultimately not know how to feel

social media suppresses and stunts the growth of creativity.

Okay, okay.  I do see that it opens doorways to opportunity,

It is also much faster and easier to get your content out,

the downside is, it inadvertently creates specific guidelines

which in turn crushes you, with apprehension and doubt.

So in perpetuum,  I catch myself feeling beaten up and down

buying into the phony framework made by the swanky jet-setter

forgetting who I am inside, and what really makes me happy,

the sooner I realize this obstacle, the sooner I can feel better.


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Rhythmic Tapping





“Ding” sounds the margin bell, helping the word-slinger acknowledge it is time to give a lusty push on the carriage return bar of the typewriter, thus not to let the words fall off the edge of the page.  Rejecting pause she keeps on typing, as there is unquestionably no indications of slowing down or shortfall in stride or procreation.  A hint of a pleasing aroma amuses her nose from the coffee that lies in her “Life is Good” captioned mug.  Ice cold.  With all intentions of contentedly sipping, after it had cooled down a bit, she placed it upon the coffee table and there is dwells, dismissed from her mind as she rejects all other encompassing senses and obligations.  She tenaciously advances her attack.  Punching each key, setting into motion the sequence of letters, into words, into sentences, into a culmination of emotion driven intoxication!

She lets out a sigh as she relaxes all of her limbs and muscles as she falls back into her chair.  Letting the anxiety and discomfort leak into her soul as she now realizes that she must……. proof read and go through the brutal gauntlet, of the persecuting editing phase of a writers work! LOL

Anyone ever feel like this?



© 2017 Joseph Emerson


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